…good night, night vale. good night.

the poem is Flying at Night by Ted Kooser


Welcome to Night Vale

I like to think that when Carlos was a kid he was basically Flint from Cloudy with a Chance.

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Well, this episode quickly became one of my favourites.


Cecil Gershwin Palmer, past and present.
I always have way too much fun with his 50’s clothes.


a podcast recorded with a $60 dollar mic in a harlem apartment about an openly queer radio host with a poc love interest as literally the most normal part of the show made it to be the number one most dowloaded podcast in all of america and if you don’t think that’s the tightest shit you can get out of my face


We bring you The Smiling God.



Photos by: Martin Firbacher and Tomáš Effenberger

"If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a proud citizen of Night Vale, it’s that horses are incredibly susceptible to suggestions from government satellites."

—Welcome to Night Vale (Episode 50- Capital Campaign)  (via one-mandrinkinggamess)


Some sweet sweet Cecilos action

i hope it’s not too dark for everyone 3:


Goodnight, Night Vale